Xiamen island

Originally written 17th May.

Don't play with water
I doubt anyone would

Ni hao! Another day, another adventure, another peace of Earth to discover. We’ve managed to finish our duties a bit earlier yesterday, so we had some free time in the afternoon. Lucky enough we’re near the coast we’ve decided to spend the afternoon at Xiamen island.

We’re staying in Xiamen city on the continent and getting on the island is fairly easy, an hour and a half of car ride, crossing a looooong, long bridge and there we were. First impression, a more “touristic” place, every part here was in order, cleaned, nice green parks and a lot of water. We walked around a park looking at people fishing, running and watching skyscrapers growing near the sea.

I admit, after seeing all the industrial parts of the town this felt like a real relief, you could smell fresh air from the trees and even standing near water made you feel better. Unfortunately, even here pollution is more then present. We’ve felt it right after crossing the first canal and catching the sign “Don’t play with water” (direct translations and yes, there’s a lot of them). You can see for yourself in the gallery below.

We’ve walked all the way to the coast which opened a nice view to the continent, the bridge we crossed arriving to the island and with lots of ships sailing in between the two coasts. Luckily we found a place where we could enjoy in the sunset eating dinner. Tiredness kicked in pretty much fast on the way back to the hotel and we all crashed napping 🙂

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