Cycling around Cres

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An #activefootie relaxing on top of Cres
An #activefootie relaxing on top of Cres

It’s been a while since my last post. Well trainings are proceeding and shortly I’ll be publishing some training impressions. Currently I’m on vacation – yes finally 😉 and yesterday I think I found my new passion. I went cycling around the island of Cres and boy I had a terrific time.

They say you have to break your routine here and there, especially when training for a certain goal, so this is what I did …

So story goes like this, you come with your bike, find a newly opened cycling store in town, buy cycling map of the island and you take off; simple right? Would be if I hadn’t picked the course with most elevation … I decided to go on one of the highest peaks of Cres, to the village of Lubenice. I took it as a challenge with myself, as honestly I never cycled more than 17 km and specially not so much off road.

Cres is full of such roads and the imagery you see is wow! Obviously this is an island you have to discover cycling or hiking around and if you have a boat the better, as I could see some really, really, really lovely beaches around.

The course I took yesterday is pretty nice, the track is kept well, extreme at some places and for approx 100 meters (right below Lubenice) you cannot really cycle as the road is too rocky but for the rest shouldn’t be a biggy for avid cyclers out there. The first third of the course were impressive, a lovely view to the see and town of Valun and some nice up and downhills. I even stumbled across a closed door. Well don’t worry this doesn’t mean end of the track, it’s just made for protection of sheep – as there is a lot of them here.

I will try checking also other tracks as this was a really great experience and hopefully I can make some more impressions around. If you’re coming here taking you bikes and going for a ride is definitely a must!


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    1. Prvi del, najlepši, je offroad. En del vzpona na Lubenice je po asvaltu, glavni vzpon pa se izmenjuje med betonsko in makedamsko cesto. Iz Lubenic dol pa je vse po cesti, ko se spustiš iz njih te čaka še dober vzpon po asvaltu, zadnjih 8 km pa je sam spust. Na zemljevidu, ki sem ga dobil so vsaj še 3 možne poti in nebroj offroad cestic, bom ziher še kako šel pa kaj več pokažem.

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