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The Golden Circle
The Golden Circle

As some of you know I work in marketing and I’m always on the lookout for new ideas, concepts and inspiration … And boy I found something. Actually this is not even something new, it is just what has always been occurring naturally put together in words. And simply by following this things we understand how great leaders were able to inspire and why certain brand command loyalty, whereas others fail.

This concept has been put together by Simon Sinek, in his book Start With Why. This book, especially “The golden circle” have been real mind openers for me and it is something I gladly share with everyone looking to launch something new – be it an idea, campaign, product etc.. Below you can hear it from the man himself.

In these times it is relatively easy to say What we are doing and How we are doing it, but this is raw data. What matters and can distinguish us from other is resonating our ideas on the emotional level – this can be done by simply sharing our Why.

Explaining to our audience why we are doing something is a powerful thing and is often difficult to do as this is something that is coming out of our Limbic brain, this is where our feelings are coming from and where our “gut decisions” are made. Now historically this has been the part of the brain which made us socialize with others, simply because we believed in or shared same values and ideas. Of course during our evolution we developed also the Neocortex which is where our logic is processed. This brain is responsible for our rationale and was the brain that helped us survive. This is the brain that usually stops us from doing something, say did you ever get a great idea, but when you started elaborating it you got stopped from putting it into reality?

Ok, back to he Why, when we speak our Why we speak from the inside out, we start from our feelings and we address our audience’s Limbic brain – their emotions. By doing this we try to make us all resonate in what we all believe and this is where loyalty is generated.

I held a presentation to my colleagues past Friday and we had a really nice discussion at the end and some where saying it is difficult to put this concept in action when your customer wants to prolong the life cycle of its product. My advise in such case would be to start from the Why, Why we believe in this product and Why we are offering it to our customers. Ultimately we tend to focus on our What (product) and How (activities) but what we should do is start from our Why (feelings).

Here you canĀ  find slides from the presentation.

And what about you? Don’t you think this is a great concept? If you have an interesting story to share please leave a comment.

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