Back we are

Hello there, or better – Ni hao!

Yes, we’re back from, back from the trip around China, a total of 12 days, countless miles, three rides on fast trains, one ferry ride and a total of 4 flights …

You might wonder why I haven’t posted anything, right? Well fact is I tried, but network connections were pretty bad, social media and Google services are blocked, well even our company e-mail had troubles working over there. None the less, I’ve managed to write posts and in following days I’ll be posting them here – think of it as delayed blogging, as strange as it may sound 🙂

Overall China was a blast, yes business-wise we’ve done a lot and have been pretty successful, an eye opener and one of those trips where you see how nice it is and lucky we are to live where we do … We’ve seen from clean nature to what heavy industry is doing to our environment and at moments it was pretty sad.

But, we’ve also seen some really nice cities and gardens, tasted some pretty “interesting” food and this will be the topic of next posts, so buckle up and enjoy the ride that’s coming with next posts.

Until the next time cheers!

Ni hao from Shanghai
Ni hao from Shanghai

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