7. Formaraton, we ran for their dreams

No. 75
No. 75

Well, hello there!

Here we go again, running season is in full spring, events are blossoming all over Slovenia and you know I can’t miss them 😉 First official run of the season and this time it was for a cause, a good one indeed.

You’ve all probably heard about Jure Košir, an ex professional skier and Olympic medalist. He’s the force and organizer of Formaraton runs and this year it was already the 7th edition. Formaraton is a beneficiary run, where everyone can join, what counts are kilometers and this is also its motto – “Every kilometer counts”. Everyone can join and the event lasts from 9:00 until 17:00. You don’t have a fixed distance, but you can run, or hike, as many laps as you want. One lap’s length is 2 kilometers.

Formaraton is a beneficiary event, where part of the funds collected via entry fees are dedicated for a good cause. This and last two years it was for helping children battling cancer. Some of you know, but some don’t I used to have a younger brother, who died of cancer at the age of 10 – I was 11 at the time. So for me this event has also a personal note, as I run also in his memory, remembering all the struggles, the strength and pain he’s been put through, actually the whole family …

This year the weather was not really at our side, it was raining cats & dogs and it was around 4oC. But this did not stop nor Jure & the organizing team, nor the runners. The track is happening in Tivoli park and it is quite of a challenge. It’s a constant up & down with one really challenging elevation, trust me, when you’re doing it for the 5th time you start feeling it 🙂

I admit I did not exercise much this year, yes I’m only starting with runs. However I managed to do 13 laps, I started to get cramps in my calves at lap 9 but they passed and at lap 11 and 12 my quadriceps started to protest, but I squeezed for 1 lap more and that was it.

We joined this event as a team, a total of 26 co-workers from Studio Moderna came to run and we were running for children’s dreams (note, on the back of our shirts it says: “We’re running for their dreams”) as Studio Moderna was also sponsoring the event. In total we did 176 laps and approximately 352 kilometers. Alenka ran most laps of us all – 20 followed by Bojan 16 and me with 13, so quite a nice statistic.

For sure we will be seeing us at Formaraton in 2016 and you, will you join us?

So, what’s next? Well yesterday I ran Komenda’s half marathon (expect a post in following days), next week we’ll be running at Wings for Life and then we will see. Hope to see you next Sunday and until then Godspeed!

Here’s also a little gallery from the event:

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