Back we are

Hello there, or better – Ni hao!

Yes, we’re back from, back from the trip around China, a total of 12 days, countless miles, three rides on fast trains, one ferry ride and a total of 4 flights …

You might wonder why I haven’t posted anything, right? Well fact is I tried, but network connections were pretty bad, social media and Google services are blocked, well even our company e-mail had troubles working over there. None the less, I’ve managed to write posts and in following days I’ll be posting them here – think of it as delayed blogging, as strange as it may sound 🙂

Overall China was a blast, yes business-wise we’ve done a lot and have been pretty successful, an eye opener and one of those trips where you see how nice it is and lucky we are to live where we do … We’ve seen from clean nature to what heavy industry is doing to our environment and at moments it was pretty sad.

But, we’ve also seen some really nice cities and gardens, tasted some pretty “interesting” food and this will be the topic of next posts, so buckle up and enjoy the ride that’s coming with next posts.

Until the next time cheers!

Ni hao from Shanghai
Ni hao from Shanghai

Off we go!

And off we go

Baggage is ready and time has come to take off! Some 14 hours of trip ahead and we’ll arrive to Guangzhou. Yep, you probably guessed, China baby. Never been there, doesn’t know what to expect, but I’m sure there’s gonna be plenty to share. What I know for sure now is that 3 flights are ahead of us, starting from Brnik, touch down at Frankfurt, following the longest flight to Shanghai and then internal one to Guangzhou … Phew, almost lost the count, rest assure I will not count the hours 🙂

No I’m it’s not vacation, this will only happen in second half of June. Needles to say I’m really lucky and thankful to Studio Moderna to allowing me this opportunity. We’re getting on a 12 day business trip with Deja and Simon and we are on the visit to our manufacturers and partners checking all sorts of novelties, interesting things, new features, development and cooperation possibilities, basically I’m excited and cannot wait for the journey to start. Needles to say the anticipation is high.

With 12 days ahead of us we’ll see a lot of things, and travel naturally. In fact we’ll have an “off” day probably only next Sunday. However I expect a Ton of emails to be attended but we like it this way, don’t we? 🙂

Hopefully I’ll have some time for updates here, but really only if there will be some time … So for now I’d say God Speed and may this adventure start!

Just run …

With Karmen @hirkani before the start
With Karmen @hirkani ( before the start

… ah yes, R-U-N 🙂 I’ve been quite busy in between gym and outdoors these days and I must say I’m slowly getting to the pace where I left last year.

However, let’s jump a bit back in time. It was 25th of April, a sunny Sunday and a totally new race for me – 4th Lidl’s run at Komenda. It was a relatively small event, where we were 71 in total running 21km. I really enjoyed the experience, as such small events give you this feeling of connection, everyone is friendly, nice and of course there’s no crowd to pass along, leaving you with your own tempo and mind …

The race included more runs, from short runs for children to the simultaneous start to 5, 10 and 21 kilometers. We started with a circle around Komenda’s hippodrome to then run outside town into the fields and villages. The first half was a constant ascent and I was trying to keep it slow and not push too much. Around half the way it turned into a fast and constant descent, only to be followed by 2 steep ascents around km 14. Challenging to say the least, but a good training and a nice, demanding challenge. Did I manage it was my 2nd half-marathon run this year? The end result – 2:03:43 which makes it a “not that bad” on my marks. You can also check the statistics in bellow gallery.

I must say I was really impressed with the scenery, it was so picturesque and felt so free running in between the fields, mountains on one side with skydivers flowing above you and villages with people cheering for you. I’ll be getting back there for sure and it’s definitely a race I’d advise to all.

And what about you, any runs lately or races you’d suggest for me? 🙂 Thanks and until the next time: “Lahke noge (Light legs)!”.