Bye-bye 2014, hello 2015!

I ran the Marathon
I ran the Marathon!

Hello there!

Finally I found some time to jump behind the computer and as the occasion calls it’s time to look back at 2014. To summarize I’d say it was a roller coaster ride and as end of the year was approaching the wilder it was getting, but hey it was well worth, every single day, moment, sweat and tears it all made 2014 one of the greatest so far.

As you know one of my goals for 2014 was to run a Marathon and YES I DID IT! I still remember every single step, kilometer, every turn, up & down the hill and the heat. It took me a total of 4:30:36, it’s not really a time to brag about, but hey I did run a full marathon! I’m happy I made it without major problems as the track is a constant up & down, it was windy and hot and towards the end I was pretty much fed up as it was a constant turn, uphill, downhill, turn, uphill, downhill, turn … Don’t get me wrong the scenery was fantastic, but at the end it was simply too much of turns 🙂 You can check a video presentation of the track below.

The best part however was at the end, I spared some strength to finish strong and at the finish line my son Ian, my wife Teja and her sister Manca were cheering for me. Ian was so happy seeing me he came running towards me, I lifted him and finished running carrying him in my arms, I can tell you that it was the best feeling ever. As a parent you cannot wish for something more.

In terms of totals my Runtastic account says this (mind, I didn’t always measure my activities):

  • 76 runs
  • 827,13 km total distance
  • 244:11:30 total workout duration
  • 78969 kcal burned

But 2014 was not only a year dedicated to running, it was probably one of the most challenging years so far and I’m glad I had the chance of meeting, working and listening to a lot of great people, colleagues, family and friends. You’ve all helped me grow and be better, more determined and focused – thank you!

Looking into 2015 I hope it will be as fruitful as last year and that all our personal and professional goals will be accomplished. I wish 2015 will be spiced up by challenges, love and kindness as this is what makes us all a better person!

Stay true to yourself and keep on doing it! All the best in 2015 my dear friends!