1:52:05 – did it!

Hello there!

My diplomaI finally did it! If you remember I was mentioning in one of my previous posts what my first goal for this year was – run Half marathon under 2 hours. Well I can cross this off my bucket list now. It happened 2 weeks ago at 5th Eco marathon Maribor.

Eco marathon packs a set of races happening during week end. Saturday is dedicated to cycling with 70 and 114 km races, while Sunday Maribor turns into a running metropolis with racers running 10 and 21 km. This year cycling events got canceled though, as some roads were flooded due to heavy rains. Anyhow, Sunday weather was kind and approximately 2.000 runners gathered on one of the bridges above Drava river. We both, runners to 10 and 21 km, started together but shortly afterwards split on our own ways. The course leads all the time around Maribor city, passing Drava river 4 times, leading even above one dig and a pretty amazing view of the rivers delta. It pack couple of elevation gains but they are manageable. For me the race went pretty well, I started perhaps a bit too strong so I had to hold myself back saving energies and after the last fueling station (around 20 km) I had a bit of a crisis, however it passed quickly and I was able to finish the race really strong. And boy, what a rush of emotions came after finding out I managed to run it under 2 hours. Feelings of completion, happiness, satisfaction … I’ve been training almost the whole year for this, after all. For sure we will see again next year, thank you Maribor!

See the course below

Oglejte si Eko Maraton Maribor – 21km na večjem zemljevidu.

And what have I been up to afterwards? Well for starters I focused on training with elevations in the past 2 weeks. As you know this Sunday I’m running my first marathon and it will include couple of them … If you’re wandering – Yes I’m scared a bit but I’m confident I’ll arrive at the finishing line 😉

Here’s an example from one of the trainings with Miran. Basically we did following focus on keeping speed same throughout the elevation and building up speed afterwards. Or the other way going as fast as possible up.

I should mention also past Sunday’s running festival at Arboretum Volčji potok. BMW organized a proper running festival with races to 6 and 12 km and a family run of 600 m. It was a proper and really well organized event, bravo BMW! I went on running 12 km and managed to finish it right under 1 hour. I was surprised as I almost stopped at its halfway point. I didn’t manage to eat anything that day and I learned my lesion – EAT breakfast, especially on race day!

I’ll be taking this week easy, yesterday I made my last long run of 19 km. This week I’ll do some easy intervals and one elevation training with a lot of resting and carbs loading. And finally Sunday I will run!

Btw. yesterday a new world record was set on Berlin’s marathon – 2:02:57 – Are you kiddin’ me? This is crazy! Well, Klemen was in Berlin too, he ran his first marathon and finished it in 4:15:56 – B.R.A.V.O. and congratulations man!

Until the next post ciaos!

Agility, Alphabet all about A’s

Hello there!

Long time no hear, but don’t worry this just means I’ve been keeping me really busy! We are proceeding with trainings and ‘en route’ to my first Marathon run.

I’m really happy and grateful to Studio Moderna as I’ll be traveling to the States end of October to attend DMA conference, but this means my plans had to change a bit. I’ll have to skip Ljubljana Marathon and run Maratona delle città del vino this October 5th. Initially I was choosing in between this one and Verona’s Marathon as they are happening at the same day, but as no one could join me there I had to pick the alternative. Hopefully this was not a stupid decision, as this run is happening around Collio region with lots of elevation gains.

So, what’s been going on meanwhile? Miran and I have been working a lot on my running alphabet and technique as this is a long term investment that will allow me to gain results. Summer was great and we did really a lot there. We introduced agility trainings on the agility ladder and I tell you, it was love at first sight, I mean try 🙂 It immediately made an impact on my technique and in future I’ll be definitely using it more. You can check this source for workout possibilities.

Here’s an example of what we’re up to. Basically it is a set of exercises above it, focus on positioning in best starting position as possible and then sprinting onward, even with 2 – 3 starts like this.

Besides this what I need to focus is lifting my heels behind as much as possible and doing short transfers of leg to the front. This helps you save energy as legs make shorter circle and your body is positioned more to the front automatically pushing you forward and saving energies.

The progress in my technique is really visible, you can notice it as videos progress and I’m glad I set up on this path with Miran – thank you man!

As for my competitions and where I’ve been up lately:

  • beautiful Nočna 10ka – July 12th, running 10 km around one of the nicest lakes in Slovenia – lake Bled by night, a total of 1,5 circles around the lake. My time 00:50:13 – not bad and see you next year!
  • Half-Marathon Bled – August 30th, a total of 3,5 circles around lake Bled. My time 2:01:38 – not that great, but take into account 582 m of elevation gain …

And last week we went running with the guys around Ljubljana. There’s a trail named PST which goes around where fence was positioned under Italian occupation. We did a total of 32 km and it took me 3:39:24. So yes, I’m a bit worried if I’ll be able to make it, but I don’t worry that much. The important thing is exercising and not giving up, there’s always a second chance right? 🙂

And we will see tomorrow what the progress is as I’m running the Half-Marathon at Maribor. Anyone joining?

Bonus treat: before leaving you be here’s an extra agility training. Touch the point in front and back for 2 times, Miran is giving me signal when to start – a pretty intense drill I suggest you try 😉

Untill the next time cheers!