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Balance & core training exercise u just have to try
Balance & core training exercise u just have to try

Still live and kicking aren’t we? 🙂 No, don’t worry I’m still pursuing my marathon quest and I’m still sweating like crazy and you know that I like it that way …

Miran has been putting me up thorough some really nice challenges, we are working a lot on my running technique and it is improving really nicely – expect some videos shortly. When weather allows we meet at Mostec, there’s a nice running plot with a small incline at end – ideal to squeeze some more out of me when sprinting, but when rain calls we meet at Oz.

This was one of the occasions and there we were working on my core muscles with some really nice balance tricks. Challenge one consists of holding a fitness ball, hands almost extended in lunge position and Miran hitting the ball from left or right side. Balance? Yes if you held position and your core strong, try it you’ll see.

Challenge no. 2 is probably one of the toughest of the day. So if at home you have a Bosu ball, a deck and an aerobic bar (or if you see these tools at the gym) I suggest you try this one and tell me if you made it more than 30 seconds. Hop on the deck and ball in lunge position, shake the bar and stay in the position as much as you can. Looks easy but it’s not as because by standing on the ball with one leg your balance is wonky and you have to shake the bar simultaneously putting you even more out of balance. A great exercise indeed.

Have you ever tried exercising on suspension training bands? I’m becoming fond of this practical gadget as you can do a total body exercise without any additional gear. This time I had to do Squat Jumps, focusing on bringing my lower body front, bringing my body at an approx 75° angle, going with heels down when squatting and jumping up as intense as possible, awesome.

And then for some agility sets, this one you can do easily from home, just put 4 markers on the floor with same distance in between. What you need to do then is some agility running around them. Repeat the course for 3 times in one direction and then repeat drill starting on opposite position of where you started (if at round 1 you were standing on the left side of marker 1, now you start standing on the right side of marker 1). This is not just for agility but it will train your core muscles too.

After this exercise keep only 2 markers, distance in between should be longer and do this. Perform side side skips as fast as you can, when you have reached a marker do a squat jump and repeat drill in other direction. Try it, you’ll love it.

And to finis the training big stile some step ups and you’ll barely wait to step under the shower 🙂

So girls hope you’ll find some ideas for spicing up your training, until the next time cheers!